What We Do

We are your go to desserts and snacks when you care about the NO, NON and FREE lists on food labels and you don’t mind trading shorter shelf life for quality treats.

At CHEAT FOODS we have higher standards because we know how hard it is to find truly healthy options that actually taste good!

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Our Promise

Our promise is sweet and simple. CHEAT FOODS will deliver taste you can trust with no tricks just treats!

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The Founder

Melissa Josloff


I am a child of the 80’s. I played outside all day only to race home to dinner when the streetlights came on. I watched Saturday morning cartoons and our TV had a “clicker”. The phones in the house had chords and the computer was… wait, those barely existed. Schools were safe and I thought food was too… I grew up to find out it really wasn’t.

At 30 years old I was completely debilated both physically and mentally. I fell into a coma and when I woke up I was looking at years ahead of me to learn to walk, talk and think again. Doctors didn’t know what had happened to me at first. It took years before I was properly diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis. No one in my family had it, so why did I?

I decided on that very day I was going to heal myself. I was going to use clean natural foods as my medicine. I gradually changed my diet as I researched further and further into the healing properties of whole clean and natural foods. Within a year I successfully quieted all my symptoms. The toughest part was how alienating it was to have to cook everything for myself and not be able to enjoy going out with friends to parties or restaurants. Healing became my full-time job.

I became so passionate and driven about this “New Life” that I even changed my career and became a certified nutritionist. Doing this, I could share what I learned and help others heal holistically.

My largest “crutch”, was that I still had a huge sweet tooth and majorly craved some of my favorite treats that I remembered from my childhood!

Another extremely challenging part of my healing, was that I had to research and cook everything for myself and by myself. I couldn’t trust the products in restaurants and grocery stores. I was chained to my kitchen for years! I missed some of my favorites foods like the chocolate pudding my mom had ready when my siblings and I came home from school. So I decided to find a way to re-create my favorites in a healthy clean whole foods way, as not to compromise my health that I had fought so hard for. I decided I never wanted anyone to have to go thru what I went thru in order to heal. Who really has that kind of time anyways in today’s crazy world? I founded and developed CHEAT FOODS to provide trustworthy products to this hectic, fast food and grab-n-go world. Every product is truly delicious and highly nutritious!


– Melissa